We recognize that risk management is instrumental to protect and grow businesses across numerous industries – especially given current economic conditions and the prevalence of litigation against businesses throughout the state. In recognizing this goal throughout all of our practice areas, we not only provide legal solutions to problems when they arise, but more importantly implement strategies to avoid disputes before they occur. We regularly advise our clients on proactive and creative measures to avoid disputes and investigations, limit liability exposure, maximize opportunity for success, and minimize attorney fees. 


We are experienced in all aspects of the formation, operation, sale, and dissolution of many types of business entities. We have represented both small and large businesses for nearly 20 years and take pride in working with our clients to efficiently evaluate the needs of each individual industry and business owner. Our current clients represent a wide array of varied business types including tech companies, farmers/agri-business, construction, medical practices, transportation, staffing companies, manufacturing, and a host of other businesses.

We can effectively assist you with any commercial concern including:

  • Formations (C Corps, S Corps, LLCs, Partnerships)

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Commercial Transactions

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) issues

  • Breach of Contract Claims

  • Employment and Agency Contracts

  • Construction Contracts

  • Professional Malfeasance

  • Non-Compete Agreements

  • Fraud

  • Conversion

  • Insurance Coverage and Negotiation of Claims

  • Business Disputes

  • Vendor Issues

  • Unfair Competition


We strive to serve the needs of not only established individuals and families, but also younger entrepreneurs, executives and professionals who are planning their affairs in anticipation of future success. Our approach focuses on estate-planning fundamentals with our solid understanding of how business actually operates, allowing us to focus on both lifetime benefits and planning for death. We make every effort to develop and  implement sophisticated estate plans for clients and their families, with the goal of facilitating the wealth transfer process and minimizing the family’s overall tax burden.


Our Employment practice focuses on solving our clients’ human resource-related problems in a practical and cost-effective manner. Our services include guidance on human resources policies and procedures, day-to-day preventive advice, and litigation and dispute resolution in all areas of employment law. We believe it is crucial to help our clients prevent disputes by advising them about sensitive employment issues before they arise, as well as serving as their advocates before administrative bodies, in ADR processes or in a courtroom when problems arise. Our goal is to provide economic and efficient advice whenever needed.


Many individuals and businesses engage in sophisticated negotiations related to the lease or purchase of residential or commercial properties.  Our attorneys are adept at providing sound advice related to the drafting and negotiation of purchase agreements, lease agreements, assignments, subletting, property management, as well as mediating, litigating and negotiating disputes arising from these transactions.